February 28, 2010

Perfume Recipe in the Family of Amarige Mimosa 2007 by Givenchy

Recently I received Mimosa Absolute from The Good Scents Company and was so amused by the consuming comfort of mimosa that I could not resist developing a perfume around it.

Historically there are several dimensions how mimosa can be incorporated into a perfume. For example both Bvlgari Pour Femme and Amarige Mimosa de Grasse Millesime by Givenchy add sweet and fruity perspective to mimosa.

But I felt captivated by how mimosa plays with Vetiver, Jasmine, Neroli and Rose Geranium in Givenchy Harvest 2007 Amarige Mimosa.

So, here is my take:

Important Note:

Mimosa Absolute cannot be dispensed by drops and must be diluted first in perfume alcohol. It is rather difficult to have a consistent concentration of such dilution. The above formula is referring to undiluted Absolute (intensity: 5% Mimosa Abs = 10% Vetiver Oil). So, when repeating the formula please verify Odor Intensity of diluted Mimosa Abs and update the formula accordingly.

Mimosa Sun Fragrance Formula
Top Notes
Rose, Geranium (EOS) - 7 drops
Neroli (EOS) - 4 drops
Mandarin (Essents) - 1 drop
Heart Notes
Mimosa Abs (TGSC) - 11 drops
Jasmine (EOS) - 3 drops
Ylang Ylang (EOS) - 1 drop
Lilac (TGSC) - 1 drop
Lily (CP) - 3 drops
Base Notes
Vetiver (EOS) - 6 drops
Sandalwood (EOS) - 5 drops


  1. For an Amarige effect, more obvious, I would add hedione, benzyl salycilate and styralil acetate.
    And to push the mimosa note, violet leaf (very diluted) works very well.

  2. Thanks a lot! In addition to that I would actually reduce the amount of Mimosa Absolute itself (as far as /2). Probably I was just over excited about Mimosa at the time of experiment ;-)

  3. But when you will reduce the mimosa you'll probably see that the rose is also very strong. In fact the amount of mimosa here works as a "tampon" for other notes. You need also a very small amount or orris notes to enhance the mimosa.

  4. Odor charts:

    Mimosa Absolute (France):
    1. floral, mimosa
    2. green
    3. grassy
    4. waxy
    5. woody
    6. spicy
    7. boronia
    8. acacia

    Orris Root absolute
    1. floral, orris, sweet
    2. berry
    3. violet
    4. woody
    5. fresh
    6. fatty

    Indeed, Orris modifier can both enhance and round Mimosa up with fresh sweetness (plus support Violet which you mentioned before).

    Octavian, I am completely flatten by your attention. Frankly speaking I could not imagine a professional would even bother looking into this. Thanks.