March 10, 2010

Aroma vs. Perfume

Q: So, what's the difference between aromatherapy recipes and perfumes?
A: Concentration

If your perfume creation smells like "body shop type" do not hurry to discard it. First try to dilute it in perfume alcohol at least 1:10 or even 1:100 and test again. You might be surprised with the result!

Our senses of vision, hearing and touch generally work better when there is more light, more sound and more pressure. And being uncertain about our own ability to perceive scents we tend to try ever higher concentrations of essential oils and aromatic compounds.

But "more" does not necessarily work the same for senses of taste or smell. When you take a small bite of an apple you would feel the taste almost the same if you would dare to stuff your mouth with 10 times the amount. 

In one of my previous posts about Odor Slope we already had seen that odor intensity does not grow that much with the increased concentration. Since that may sound rather technical, I would like to invite you to repeat a very simple experiment (shown above).

Add just one drop of an essential oil to 5 ml of perfume alcohol. And then compare scents (full strength and highly diluted) on blotters.

Maybe your sense of smell is not that bad after all? ;-)

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