February 24, 2010

Dispensing Oil Drops

Sometimes fragrance formulas might consist of 20-50 different essential oils and aromatic compounds. That is why proper dispensing of particular number of drops of ingredients is very important. Can you imagine spoiling the formula by overdosing one of the last elements... Well, occasionally it may bring you a success (ex., creation of Chanel N5) but for the most part you would just waste cherished time.

First of all - WARNING:

DO NOT use passive built-in droppers (first option on the photo). While this setup might be acceptable for some applications (such as dispensing oils into a burner or mixing fragrance into a massage oil base) this is entirely unacceptable for perfume making because speed of dispensing drops is highly unstable.
Built-in (screw on) glass pipettes or disposable plastic ones produce much better (stable) results.

You can find different pipettes, but so far I prefer small ones available from Creating Perfume (price: $5 for 50 pipettes).

Sometimes, when you are doing a lot of mixing you can also use standard plastic straws. The ones sold in Ikea are rather thin and semi-tranparent ($1.99 for 200) making them an excellent option for dispensing oils.

Here is a short video explaining how you can use straws to dispense oils:

Have fun with you creations!

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