March 13, 2010

Fragrance recipe around Nagarmotha (Cypriol) - similar to Magnifique by Lancome

Recently I received two versions of Indian Nagarmotha (Cypriol) from New Directions Aromatics and Tom's Incense. The last one appeared to be slightly stronger and deeper, so I decided to give it a try in the next formulation.

Nagarmotha is a middle note with medium odor strength (15% Naragmotha = 10% Vetiver)
Odor can be described as earthy, spicy and wood-like. Nagarmotha works as an excellent bridge between woody base notes of Sandalwood, Vetiver and middle floral notes such as Jasmine, Rose.

One of the most successful fragrances using Nagarmotha is Magnifique by Lancome.

My formula has more Jasmine and Rose and this is how I liked it. Aldehyde C9 is giving a nice lift to the perfume.

Perfume recipe inspired by Maginifique (Lancome)

Top Notes

Saffron, Warm (CP) - 2.19
Cumin (NDA) - 0.11
Mandarin (Essents) - 1.10
Cassia/Cinnamon Bark (EOS) - 0.05

Middle Notes
Aldehyde C9 (CP) - 0.01
Nagarmotha (TI) - 2.46
Jasmine (EOS) - 1.31
Rose De Mai (SEI) - 0.33

Base Notes
Rose Damascena Abs (EOS) - 0.16
Sandalwood, East Indian (NDA) - 2.63
Vetiver (EOS) - 1.64

Helpful Tips:
 - Drops Can Be Different regarding dispensing sub-drop volumes
 - How to Make a 10% Oil Dilution


  1. I added to the above patchouli oil - 1
    it gave more depth to it..
    and delta damascone 10% dillution - 0.2
    as on top note...

  2. Vipul, thanks! Originally I had Patchouli there (and it does work with Nagarmotha), but eventually I gave it us as well as reduced overall presence of woody notes.

    As for Delta Damascone - interesting. This should give consistency over time.