March 19, 2010

Justifying Perfume Making Hobby

No one expects golfing, boating or downhill skiing to be anything but a financial drain. Well guarded secret of sport fishing is that it is a lot cheaper to buy fish in a store. There are very few activities/hobbies that can be financially beneficial all along. Perfume making is one of them!

Not only you can economically produce hand creams, body butters, soaps, shower gels, massage oils, aromatherapy blends, sprays, bath balls, salts, etc. but you can organize family & friends events creating these. Unscented cream bases, gels, liquid soaps, massage oils can be purchased in bulk volumes affordably, while aromas can be created with just 2-3 essential oils. Nice and reasonably priced packaging is also available from multiple suppliers.

Here is an example of a family "Hand Cream Making Seminar" ;-)

Here is what we used:

- Cream Base Ultra Premium ($6/lb)
- Boston Round Clear Jar ($1/jar+cap)
- Cream/Soap/Candle Colors (got it @ Michaels, but cannot find them on their site)
- Essential oils (5-6 drops per 1 oz):
     - Dry Skin
     - Oily Skin
     - Skin Repair
     - Scars

Another idea for hand cream packaging (recipe: Lavandula Grosso + Bergamot):

This is an Airless Dispenser Clear with Silver Cap ($3) from New Directions Aromatics. It does look rather professional and can be even used as a gift!

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